$20 Social Ad Scout Coupon - No.1 Tool to Spy Top Social Ads

Social media has gone far away in terms of advertising and generating profits. Obviously, it is a great challenge to stand out in the present competitive advertising world. Luckily, there are several social ad spy tools among which Social Ad Scout stands at the top. We offer an exclusive Social Ad Scout Coupon here! Check it out below.

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What is Social Ad Scout?

Social Ad Scout is a top-notch social media ads spy tool available for marketers and affiliates. It paves the best way to reach your target audience through engaging social ads. You can also test all the social ads without having any prior coding knowledge.

This tool allows you to track millions of social ads from around 21 countries in the world. You can easily optimize your ad campaigns with fewer efforts.

Analyzing the best performing social ads is no more difficult. Social Ad Scout gives you all the insights about your competitors’ profitable ads and strategies. So by making use of our limited time Social Ad Scout Coupon, you can enhance your ads and be on the top always.

Features of Social Ad Scout

Listed below are the top features of Social Ad Scout.


Detailed Search Filter

Social Ad Scout offers several search options that help you to get the required ad information. You can search by text, URLs, redirects, demographic information, geographic location, type of ad, performance indicators, last seen, the type of device, and more.

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Exact Targeting Details

With Social Ad Scout, you will be able to target a specific audience based on their age, gender, location, and device type. With this great feature, you will get to know whom to target and what ads work where, and every other detail.

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Interact with Live Ads

Whenever you search for ads in Social Ad Scout, it provides you the actual screenshot of the respective ad. As you click on it, you can view its local copy. It also lets you play any videos present within the ad.

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Social Ad Scout Pricing

Social Ad Scout offers two plans, Premium and Agency. It costs $147 monthly for its Premium plan and costs $127 per month for the Agency plan.

The Premium plan is valid only for one user, whereas the Agency plan allows up to two users per subscription. Its top-notch features are worth the price of both the membership plans.

If you would wish to use a customized package for more than two users, it will cost $97 per month for one user. To save more on Social Ad Scout purchase, claim our Social Ad Scout Coupon now.


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