Worlds of Cityvision is an itinerant exhibition hold for the first time in Los Angeles at the WUHO gallery from March 6th to 23 2014 displaying for the first time in one venue the whole work the Cityvision lab orchestrated over the last four years. The exhibition is composed of three main spaces. The entrance and main gallery called “Worlds of Cityvision” features iconic works submitted to their international competitions about the future of Rome, Venice, New York and Rio de Janiero along with the three annual thematics Past Shock, Sick&Wonder and Evolution. The work is installed as a giant Peep Show in specific response to the gallery context. A musical composition will accompany its architecture. It has been made by composer Vincenzo Core taking inspiration from the seven worlds. The following space is “Parole” and will features all the printed work Cityvision created through its free press magazine.Then it will be possible to reach the mezzanine and “The Competition Room” that will features those projects that helped Cityvision to fundraise part of the exhibition along with the story of the italian lab.


Architecture OFL architecture
Location Los Angeles, CA
Client Woodbury University
Data 95 smq
Cost €15.000
Materials Fabric
Curators Vanessa Todaro and Francesco Lipari
Team Stephanie El Hourany, Sebastian Di Guardo, Boris Prosperini, Riccardo Mussati, Ilja Burchard, Rudiger Eilers, Joshua MacKley, Paolo Emilio Bellisario, Simone Ruggieri, Begum Aydinoglu, Golnaz Hebraimi, Claudio Granato, Enrico Pieraccioli
Wuho gallery director Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter
Woodbury Rome director Paulette Singley
Music Vincenzo Core
Timing 2013