OFL Architecture is an italian office founded in 2009 by Francesco Lipari and directed with Vanessa Todaro which operates between Rome and Sicily.
Recipient of several awards, including the recent first prize for the new parish complex Santa Barbara in Licata (AG), the eight Maker Faire Europe merit and the Architizer People Choice Award 2014 and 2015 with the interactive garden Sainthorto and a small auditorium for insects and humans named Wunderbugs.
OFL Architecture is an interdisciplinary architectural practice focused on emergent design processes through a design methodology that integrates architecture with other disciplines, redefining the relationship of the significant modern city and its current urban conditions (e.g. Memoria, new parish complex in Cinisi).
Within OFL Architecture Francesco and Vanessa created Cityvision which is a printed magazine and an architecture platform with the aim of generating a dialogue between the contemporary city and its future image.
The office’s experience was formerly shaped especially thanks to the collaborations with Fuksas in Rome, Mad in Beijing and 3Gatti in Shanghai.
OFL Architecture has been lecturer in universities, festivals and museums including the MAXXI and MACRO museum in Rome and curator of several architecture projects.
OFL Architecture’s work has been internationally exhibited and published in various galleries including MoMA NY and WUHO Gallery Los Angeles that held the first international exhibition named Worlds of Cityvision.
Recently the office takes advantage of the collaboration with architect Giuseppe Conti with whom they are making new immersive architectures all based on Francesco’s research called The Emotional City, such as Zighizaghi.

OFL photo


Ilja Burchard
Joshua Mackley


Bollinger und Grohmann Ingenieure (Frankfurt)
Manens Intertecnica (Verona)
Transsolar (Stuttgart)
DOF Engineering (Oslo)
Suor M. Cristina Cruciani
Fabrizio Pizziconi
Giorgio Butturini
Giancarlo Bianchi
Gianni Lucchesi
Lucchetti srl
Mitchell Joachim

Collaborators (2009 – 2015)

Eleonora Menichelli
Luca Bullaro
Sebastian Di Guardo
Marzia Messina
Elif Tan
Ludmilla Cohen
Gabriele Giambertone
Riccio Blu
Ceramiche Bevilacqua
Carla Carta
Andrea Pilia
Arturo Tedeschi
Lucio Coppa
Marco Tramajoni
Luciano Padalino
Marco Pesoli
Vincenzo Core
Riccardo Mussati
Sebastian Di Guardo
Golnaz Ebrahimi
Enrico Pieraccioli
Claudio Granato
Alberto Serra
Marcello Cualbu
Riccardo Zingaro
Federico Giacomarra
Felice Allievi
Marco Arciero
Daniele Molinari
Rocco Salomone
Pasquale Tuttolomondo
Boris Prosperini
Luigi Greco
Marco Grimaldi
Andrea Debilio
Alejandro Liu Cheng
Pierpaolo Pugliano
Anastasia Kuvshinova
Yuriy Kuvshinov
Emmanuele J. Pilia